Rev 12 Series

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Part1: Supporting Scripture: Revelation 12 Berean Study.
No Man knows the day or the Hour
Supporting Scripture:
Revelation Chapter 12
Revelation 2:27 – Church of the Man Child
Micah 5 – Israel, a vagabond until birth
Isaiah 26 – Israel gives birth to the wind
Isaiah 66 – Israel’s travail after birth
Leviticus 12 – Israel unclean after birth

Part2: Origins of the Mazzeroth: Revelation 12 Berean Study 

Misunderstanding Ancient Astronomy/Astrology
Nimrods Tower of Babel
Ancient Historical Reference
Quotations from Historical Authority
Part3: Did they miss or ignore the signs? Revelation 12 Berean Study 

Signs of Yeshua
Missing the Signs
Society knew He was coming
Many signs in the Bible
Disciples and Pharisees looking for a sign (singular)
Jesus expects the religious leaders to know
Present Day Signs
Part4: Signs, Stars and Missing Planets: Revelation 12 Berean Study 

Celestial Comparison of Magi Sign & Rev12 Sign
Historical Importance of Rosh Hashanah
Who will hear the Trumpet Blast?
Paul's Celestial Clues
Jewish Stars
Gospel Solar System
Dance of Grace & New Beginnings - Earth & Venus
Mercury the Messenger
Wars & Mars - 67 & 48
Planetary Harmonics - A Missing Planet
Part5: Validating Biblical Astronomy : Revelation 12 Berean Study

MUL.APIN Tablets and Chaldean/Babylonian Astronomy
Herods Wickedness, a sign of the time
The Sign of the Magi - Celestial Analysis
A walk through Tribulation in the heavens
Reading the Revelation Chapter 12 sign
Part6: Who Are Constellations For?: Revelation 12 Berean Study

Jewish Understanding of Creation
Powers of Heaven
Abrams Astrology & Abrahams Faith
Abraham and Noah
Balaam the Astrologer/Diviner
Revelation of Joseph
Divine Hierarchy
Moses and the Amalekites
Who are the Constellations for?
Who are the Constellations NOT for?

Part7: Conceptions and Cosmic Clocks: Revelation 12 Berean Study

Reversal of the Sorrowful Conception
Genesis vs Revelation - Thesis/Antithesis
Model of Pharez
Model of Sodom
Gods Cosmic Clock
-Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn
-Conjunction Precise Average
-Orbital Schedule of Saturn
Part8: Jubilee Trump on Yom Kippur: Revelation 12 Berean Study

Structure of Revelation Chapter 12
Yom Kippur
Moses on Sinai - The Day of Atonement
The Model of the Tablets
Sinai and the Birth of the Church
The Jubilee 
 Restitution of all things - Chuck Missler
Isaac Newton and Jubilees
Hebrew Wisdom - Jubilee & Yom Kippur
Part9: Between the Shout and Trump: Revelation 12 Berean Study

Rosh Hashanah Shout & Yom Kippur Shofar
The Rapture: Shouts and Trumpets
Gods Natural Trumpet
The Horns of Moses
Days of the Lord
Yom Kippur – Mourning and Affliction
Rosh Hashana vs Yom Kippur
Trumpets Confusing Satan
Crimson Wool and the Scapegoat
Part10: Tabernacles & Clouds of Glory: Revelation 12 Berean Study


Constellations & Conjunctions
Crucifixion Week & 2017 Tabernacles
Tabernacles Ceremony
Sukkot and the Gentile Israel (USA)
Feast of Tabernacles in Scripture
What does the Sukkah represent?
Tabernacle Protection
Yeshua on Tabernacles
Glorification on Tabernacles
The Song of Moses
The indictment against Israel 
Bodily Tabernacle
Heaven and Earthly Tabernacles
Church tabernacle in heaven
Trumpets on Tabernacles
(Part 10 Sequel) Shemini Atzeret: The 8th Day Curveball

8th Day in Scripture
Modern Observance
Moses' Death Article
Harpazo Cross References
Spring & Fall Feast Sacrifices
Hebraic View of Sukkot Sacrifices
Astronomy Update
Mars Mysteries, Cosmic Catastrophes & the Reluctant Red Dragon

Job's Cosmic Catastrophe
Gods Leviathan
Attributes of Mars
Mars Mysteries
Volcanism on Mars
Donald Patten
The case for Catastrophism
Questions about Mars
Mars Moons & Gulliver's Travels
Revelation 12 Text Review
Mars/Venus Conjunction
Images of Mars
MOLA - Mars Orbiter Laser Altimeter
True Topography of Mars
The Binding of Venus - The Lion of Judah is Coming - The End


Circumspect of Venus
The Sign in Retrospect
The Behavior of the Sign
Three Conjunctions of Venus
The Bright and Morning Star
One last look at the heavens
Thank You and God bless
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