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Walkthrough of the Revelation Chapter 12 Sign.

Going through the sign over the 9 months of gestation and marking key events on the timeline

The Great American Eclipse forms part of Revelation 12

Shows that the Great American Eclipse of 2017 forms part of the Revelation Chapter 12 sign coming into formation. The two events should not be considered as separate.

Dissecting Revelation 12: An Introduction

 Going through the events which preceded the sign and which follow the sign that adds to the uniqueness of the sign itself.

Walkthrough of Mid Tribulation in the Heavens

This video show events leading up to exactly 1260 days after the rapture, when the antichrist (Satan/Saturn) takes his residence in the temple, causes the sacrifice and oblation to cease and sets himself up as a god.


In this video, I go through what is happening in the heavens before Mid Tribulation, exactly 1260 days or 3.5 Years after Rosh Hashana and the Revelation Chapter 12 sign. We see here represented the Antichrist/Satan (Saturn) which causes the sacrifice and oblation to cease by pushing Jupiter out of the sign of sacrificial sign of Capricorn.

This entire event is confirmed by a VERY SPECIAL comet which flies past Jupiter and Mercury exactly 1260 days after Rosh Hashana which is March 4, 2021. This is almost unbelievable! 

Venus & Pleiades - Yeshua and the 7 Stars/Churches

This video should purge all doubt in Biblical astronomy.

In this video we can see Venus on a retrograde cycle every 8 years [new beginnings], moving into the constellation of Taurus [Judgement] where the Pleiades star system resides a.k.a Seven Sisters/Seven Stars.

Before the reformation of the Church, Venus remained below the ecliptic since circa 350 A.D, roughly when Constantine married the Roman Catholic Church to the state. At the Reformation of the Church (circa 1500 A.D), Venus rose above the ecliptic and has moved its way up towards the Pleiades in ever since. 

We see Venus in the Pleiades in 2020. Notably, this is 6 months before Jupiter and Saturn conjunct on December 21, 2020 and 333 days before Jupiter exits the Capricorn sign, exactly 1260 days after the Revelation Chapter 12 sign. 

Jesus is the bright and morning star [Venus] and He is coming to get the Church.

The Corruption of Libra and the Holy Altar

An attempt by Satan to distort Gods message of Salvation in the heavens. The Altar was replaced by the Weighing Scales which we see represented in the modern depiction of the constellation Libra. The sacrifice was replaced with works of righteousness. This brings new light to the Revelation Chapter 12 sign and the progression of events along the ecliptic after the sign which match up perfectly with the Book of Revelation. God's message of salvation is written in the stars!
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